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Pyramids: A Mayan Mystery

Amazingly the Mayan people built almost ten times the amount of pyramids as the Egyptians did. They were careful to align their pyramids with cycles of the sun, moon and stars.

La Guitarra – The Guitar

The first image of a person playing a guitar was inscribed on a piece of stone tablet that is 3300…

Mexican and Mayan Cuisine

Once you’ve had authentic Mexican cuisine you will never look at the Mexican themed fast food restaurants the same again….

Which one’s Flipper?

If you’ve never swam with dolphins you are missing out on an experience of a lifetime! You will feel like…

" Tequila makes you smarter!" ,,,maybe,,, if you know your tequila and know your limit.

Pour Some More Por Favor!

Just know that if you abuse tequila it will abuse you back later! One tequila, two tequila , three tequila, floor! For a tequila to officially be called tequila it must be made from the blue ag...

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